My Story

Sahajan, An Evidence- Based Natural Skincare Line based on the 5,000 year old science of Ayurveda.

Derived from the Hindi word for “intuitive” – Sahajan brings you the evidence to follow your intuition and choose clean beauty.



Sahajan started with a question

I remember the day I came home to find my two-year-old daughter slathered in my face cream. After laughing, because I realized that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I began to feel uneasy. I worried about what all those chemicals were doing to her young skin. I showed my daughter her own special products in her room – oils and creams that my parents had used on me as a child. Natural and plant-based. Ones I trusted to keep her skin safe and healthy. Then I wondered, why was I willing to put something on my skin that I wouldn’t want on my child’s?

It was the start of a journey

A journey to remind myself what I had forgotten. My family is from Kerala, in Southern India. In such a lush environment, it’s easy to incorporate natural ingredients into your life. My parents would take a coconut from their plantations and mill it fresh for oil, or whip up treatments for any skin complaint with what was on hand in the kitchen. It turned out that when I was told to put turmeric on a pimple or coconut oil in my hair, there was science behind it, a science that’s 5,000 years old.


Ayurveda, “The Science of Life”

Ayurveda, translated from Sanskrit, means the Science of Life. It’s a mind-body science that reminds that us we need to be in balance. Modern day stressors, the environment, and our diet get us out of balance. Ayurveda seeks to understand each person’s unique needs and looks to plant-based remedies, yoga, meditation and other practices to achieve that balance.

Proving the ancient science of Ayurveda

It took me a surprisingly long time to get here. I have always tried to eat healthy, and work out, and I come from a long line of yogis, but somehow I had never translated those habits to my skincare. As a former pharmaceutical executive, it was important to me to give our clients the confidence to chose both Ayurveda and clean beauty. Our team in Canada worked with leading Ayurvedic doctors in Kerala to develop the collection but that wasn’t enough, I wanted to prove our efficacy. All of our products have been through either extensive regulatory reviews, clinical trials and consumer testing. All of that to say- we don’t make any claims that aren’t backed up by science..



My commitment to you is to bring you evidence-based products that balance healthy, mindful living with the rich heritage of the Ayurvedic traditions in which I was raised.