4 Tips to Transition to Fall

The days are still warm, with the nights getting more relaxed, the leaves changing hues without falling to the ground, and change is in the air. This is the gradual transition of summer to fall, which you might anticipate eagerly or dread. With any season, the change isn't overnight; it's slow. Embracing this change can be difficult, but there are ways to ease yourself into the transition into fall and keep your heart and soul happy throughout. 

Here are 4 Ayurvedic tips for your fall transition:

Slow down 

Don't force yourself to function at the same speed and intensity as you did during the summer months. Take this nourishing season as a chance to slow down, reconnect with loved ones and old hobbies, perhaps start a new one, and savour the healing energy of fall. Perhaps this is the time to incorporate a rejuvenating yoga practice into your routine. 

Alter your diet

Ayurveda believes in using nature's harvest as our menu as much as we can. Try consuming heavier, sweeter vegetables during this season, like sweet potato, squash, pumpkin and other root vegetables. Other incredible foods for fall are nuts, brown rice, oats, bananas and ghee. Think of foods and dishes that will nourish your stomach, heart and soul. If you want to incorporate spices, try using ginger, cardamom, cinnamon or fennel in teas, soups and stews. 

Maintain warmth

As the cooler temperatures befell us, maintaining warmth inside is key to embracing the autumn season. Try out a nourishing, warm nighttime drink before bed. Our personal favourites are Golden Milk Lattes and Ginger teas! 

Nourish yourself with self-care 

While self-care is a year-round activity, it just feels that much more relaxing and soothing in the fall season. Oil massages, or abhyanga, are key during this time. Try using a thicker oil like sesame oil or our Ritual Body Oil and engage in the practice of anointing yourself with oil. This massage is nourishing, warm and loving - everything that the fall season embodies. 

With these tips in your daily routine, the transition to fall will be that much more lovely and nourishing, preparing you for the winter days ahead! 


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