4 things to do you can do now Improve your health

Earlier this week, someone asked me why I started Sahajan and I told her about a journal entry I had written when I was getting started with the brand.  It read that I wanted to help women and men along their journey to wellness. 

While we could come up with hundreds of recommendations, here are 4 immediate things you can do now to impact your health:

1) SEE YOUR GP - The Pandemic has been crazy and with multiple shutdowns still in progress, many of us have neglected annual physicals, blood tests and other critical checkpoints to monitor our health.  Still in lockdown?  Book an online appointment.  Your health matters.

2) GET OUTSIDE -  We are all aware of the benefits of exercise, but did you know that being in nature carries added benefits.  Studies have shown that increasing time in nature helps you to sleep better, think clearer, boost your mood and even give your immune system a boost.  

Ayurveda also tells us that this time of year is the best time to shed that winter layer we gained during those cold months.  

3) NURTURE YOUR IMMUNITY - Covid has reminded us that while we can’t protect ourselves from everything there are a number of critical things, we can do to boost our immunity. Incorporating immune boosting spices like turmeric, cooking with ghee (which has a significantly high amount of butyric acid- known to inhibit inflammation), and eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can all help to keep your immune system strong.

Ayurveda teaches us that warm cooked food is easiest to digest so try roasting your veggies in some ghee with some cumin, salt, and turmeric and your body will thank you.

4) HONOUR THE MOTHER GODDESS - In Ayurveda, sleep is considered the Mother Goddess, revered for her ability to rejuvenate and restore. Modern science shows that consistent great sleep boosts immune function, accelerates the benefits of exercise and significantly impacts clarity and focus. 

“Health is the greatest gift”- Buddha

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