Do these 3 things to avoid pumping toxins in your body

Ayurveda has long believed that a healthy gut (and of course, healthy 💩  is critical to overall well being. Modern science agrees. More and more studies are showing that a thriving gut leads to a healthy immune system and yes - great skin.

An unhappy gut shows itself in a myriad of ways…acne, rosacea, dryness, hair issues, etc. Here are some of my favourite Ayurveda tips:

Eat less sugar and processed foods

I know this is one you hear every single day but it’s true. I am not saying to completely avoid sugar but maybe challenge yourself to not eat anything that comes out of a box or can for 3 days.

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate

If you are reading this, go have a sip of water and add a lemon to it. Water supports the full digestive tract and adding in a lemon can help to add that extra little detox that your body is craving.

Sleep for your microbiome

Here’s a crazy finding, When your body is short on sleep, the gut bacteria begins to pump out toxins which causes fatigue, leaky gut and inflammation. A strong sleep routine can go a long way for your gut and your skin.

Here’s the truth

I am far from perfect but I remind myself daily that the goal is radiance not perfection and that in small ways I can continue to choose my wellness.

Is there something here you can do to make a difference?

xx Lisa


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