Happy National Mantra Day: Honoring the Differences Between Mantras and Affirmations

Diving in the world of wellness, you may have heard “mantra” and “affirmation” being used interchangeably, but we’re here to tell you that’s not the case! Each word is unique and understanding each one’s purpose will help level up your wellness rituals. In honor of National Mantra Day, we’re picking apart mantras from affirmations and showing you how to add them into your everyday routine!   

What is a Mantra? 

Rooted in Sanskrit, “mantra” is made from the words “man” (mind) and “tra” (tool) – basically, it’s your mind’s tool for deep meditation. Mantras come in many forms, like a vibrational sound or a sacred prayer, and aim to connect oneself to their senses. 

Two must-have mantras to add to your routine are: 

  1. OM: Om is a universal vibration that, when chanted, creates connection to the universe. Use it during intentional meditation or while manifesting your dreams. 
  2. SO HUM: So Hum, translated from Sanskrit, means “I am”. Use this mantra to balance your Root Chakra and feel grounded and reconnected to oneself. 

What is an Affirmation? 

While mantras are tools to reach deep meditation, affirmations are like pep talks for the soul. Affirmations are uplifting phrases, used as personal daily reminders, to combat negative self talk and boost one’s self confidence. 

Three daily affirmations to add to your routine are: 

  1. “I am deserving of all good things life has to offer.” 
  2. “I radiate love and positivity and attract abundance into my life.” 
  3. “I am capable and confident to handle whatever comes my way.” 

… and you can always personalize this to what you need! 

Add Both to Your Wellness Routine

While both mantras and affirmations may be different in nature, both are powerful tools to add to your wellness routine. 

The next time you find yourself manifesting your dreams and connecting to the world through meditation, recite a mantra. While the next time you need a reminder of the power you hold, reach for a daily affirmation. 

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