Sahara Rose x Sahajan 

We all talk about self-care, but how often do we genuinely take the time to do it? 💭⁠

In our current world, hustling is rewarded much more than resting and caring for yourself. Therefore self-care is so much more than a bubble bath. It’s reclaiming your power, honouring the divine feminine, and coming home to yourself. ⁠

In @HighestSelfPodcast Episode 449: Ayurvedic Beauty Rituals, Skincare + Self-Care, all of your skincare + haircare questions to Ayurvedic skincare expert + founder Lisa Mattam of @SahajanSkincare  

Lisa talks about Ayurveda, the Doshas, how to create beauty rituals, what products are best for you based on your skin + hair types, and why the divine feminine path to spirituality includes beauty and self-care. ⁠

This episode will leave you cleaning out your skincare cabinet and grabbing clean + aligned products that beautify your body and soul. 💛⁠

Tune in on my profile, iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, or YouTube! 👉🏽 @IAmSaharaRose


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