Skin Care Myths Debunked

We have the answers to some of the most common misconceptions about skincare.

Oily skin doesn’t need to be moisturized:

FALSE. While it may seem logical to think that because your skin is oily, you should skip moisturizing, don’t let yourself fall into that trap. Oily skin can often be dehydrated; and in a weird twist of fate, dehyrdration can be what's contributing to the excessive oil production as a method of overcompensation. Favour a water based moisturizer like our Radiance Serum or Nourish Crème Riche to get your skin back in balance.

You don’t need SPF in the fall or winter:

FALSE. It’s a common belief that SPF is only for sunny days and warmer temps but this is a myth. While the UV rays that cause sunburns aren’t as strong in winter, they are always there and the specific UV rays that cause fine lines, wrinkles, and skin hyperpigmentation are present year round. Ask any dermatologist and they will tell you that daily SPF wear is your best line of defense against the signs of aging, scarring or hyperpigmentation.

Lip balm isn’t important if you are drinking lots of water:

FALSE. The skin on your lips is very different from the skin on your body. Lip skin does not have sebaceous glands (meaning it can’t make oil) and also has 3-5 layers of skin vs the 16 on your face. Add to that the weakened barrier (why it’s easy to have chapped lips), and a real lip treatment is just what is needed to keep your lips soft, and moisturized. Consider our Lip Karma- featured in Glamour, Refinery 29 and Cosmetics Mag and give your Lips and your Karma a gift.