Start Summer with a Healthy Skin Barrier

With the summer months finally upon us, having a healthy skin barrier is more important than ever. Strong skincare actives are unique for exfoliating and brightening our skin, but sometimes, the root of the issues that we face comes down to the health of our skin barrier. But don’t worry, read on to find out how to maintain an everlasting glow. 

What is the skin barrier? 

The skin barrier is the outermost layer of your skin and is incredibly protective. It protects you from pollution, UV rays, dehydration and toxins. It retains moisture and hydrates by reducing water loss, giving you that gorgeous glow from within. 

Many skin issues we face, like acne, dryness, milia etc., are caused by a compromised skin barrier. It can happen from a dry or humid environment, cold weather, pollutants, strong, active ingredients or stress. But don’t fear; there are ways to restore and protect your skin barrier both physically and with certain ingredients. 

Protect your skin 

Be gentle with your skin. Actions like tugging and pulling can disrupt the skin barrier and lead to premature aging. Stick to room temperature water for facial cleansing and pat your skin dry with a soft towel. 

One of the most important steps to protect your skin barrier is to apply SPF. Harsh UV rays are enemies to our skin barrier. They can disrupt the skin barrier and speed up aging in the process. Apply sunscreen daily before going outside and reapply every few hours. 

Skincare Ingredients 

Your skincare routine plays a huge role in protecting and restoring your skin barrier. Some ingredients can be transformative in this way, and can truly give your skin the protection it needs and deserves. 


Translating to three fruits in Sanskrit, this blend of three powerful fruits (amalaki, bibhitaki and haritaki) is packed with antioxidants and is incredibly protective, a great soother and healer of the skin. You can find this potent ingredient in our Nourish Creme Riche, Radiance Face Serum and Radiance Eye Cream.

Gotu Kola

As an ancient Ayurvedic ingredient, Gotu Kola is incredibly healing for the skin barrier by reducing inflammation and providing moisture. Gotu Kola can also stimulate the production of collagen in the skin and restore its luster. You can find this potent ingredient in our Nourish Creme Riche and Radiance Face Serum.

Hyaluronic Acid

A moisture magnet, hyaluronic acid is the perfect quencher for protecting the skin barrier. Using products with hyaluronic acid will deliver that extra bit of hydration that your skin needs. You can find this skin quencher in our Radiance Face Serum.

Keeping this superficial layer of skin healthy is ever so important. On the other hand, damaging it can be more detrimental than we often imagine - redness, dryness and acne can often come from a compromise barrier. Protection is key and while it will give you a gorgeous glow for the summer, it’s important to remember this all year long. 

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