“I believe that Ayurveda is the gateway to wellness. My mission is to bring the time-tested wisdom of this ancient science, and its high-performance ingredients to the beauty world.”

Lisa Mattam, founder and CEO, Sahajan

As the daughter of parents from South India, I grew up immersed in the traditions of Ayurveda. I know its power… its magic…its science, which is why I feel compelled to share it with the world.

Ayurveda literally means “the Science of Life.” A five thousand year old science developed by the sages of India, it continues to be one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful health systems. Its emphasis on mind-body balance and plant-based healing resonates so strongly in our modern day world where wellness is of utmost priority.

If you’ve never heard of Ayurveda, don’t worry. The reality is that many of us are already incorporating Ayurveda into our daily rituals, whether or not we even realize it, by doing things like practicing yoga, drinking warm water with lemon, or putting turmeric or ashwangandha root in smoothies or lattes – trusting and enjoying the effects without realizing that there’s thousands of years of science behind it. When it comes to our skin and hair, this same science provides us a roadmap for healthy, radiant skin.

The royals of ancient India relied on Ayurvedic remedies and blends to stay healthy, ageless, and glowing, but their treatments are no longer limited to the noble. The Vedic texts contain a litany of ingredients all aimed at nurturing inner and outer beauty.

There’s Triphala, Ayurveda’s vitamin C powerhouse, that boasts the most antioxidant rich fruit in the world, with twenty times the amount of vitamin C as an orange. Gotu Kola is an herb revered in Ayurveda; it’s being researched around the world due to its ability to stimulate the production of collagen- not bad for the the Indian answer to parsley. The beautiful green leaves of the Moringa plant – something I’ve eaten many times – have also been proven to be both an antioxidant, that helps brighten and protect the skin, and to have anti-pollutant benefits, ridding the skin of daily grime.

These plant-derived ingredients can be formulated to offer us unparalleled beauty results in nature’s cleanest form.

It’s all in the ancient texts, but with Sahajan, we harness it, the best way I know how…with clinical science.

I spent almost fifteen years in the pharmaceutical industry, where evidence-based approaches and clinical rigour are the norm. When creating Sahajan, I knew that I needed to trust my intuitive belief in Ayurveda, while at the same time showing the science behind it. Working with two Ayurvedic doctors in India, we developed the formulations, and then proved that their effectiveness with clinical testing. The result is a line of products that I’m proud to share with the world.

I once read that Ayurveda was the beauty world’s best kept secret. I don’t want it to be a secret anymore.

XO, Lisa